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Games are a friendly moment for elderly people.

Playing together is talking to each other, learn to know one another, bring back memories, give rhythm to time that can be sometimes monotonous, promote times of meeting, and having fun without boredom.

Hélène, 78 years old, volunteer and retired senior, has contributed to the activities oriented to the elderly people, and has often noted that the offers remained very classic : scrabble, nain jaune, little horses (ludo). So she imagined her first games which originality are based on two main axes : classic game rules (moving checkers and cards, collecting bonuses, dice-throwing, assimilation …) and topics generating interest of elderly people (past, active life, everyday life, meals, flowers of the garden, pets, technological evolution, transports, hobbies, family life …).

The game becomes a true moment of encounter. These instants of playing stimulate memories, recent memory and buried memory, with their simple rules and their sensible topics relating to their everyday concerns and interests. It is not because we throw a dice that memory comes back, nor we remember things.

The CHOUETTES JEUX briefcase contributes to the stimulation of memory workshops, support meetings of the third age and promotes intergenerational events. It is also a real toolbox for professionals. After a fast approbation, they can exploit this material to promote the essentials of a common life: share, discuss and tell, without ignoring or forgetting the contain of an active and rich life that has preceded this situation of dependence, more or less important  depending on the health status, cognitive capacities and autonomy of each elderly person. Every game is modular and declinable: progression in difficulties, variations and approaches adapted to the audience.

Play, sing, talk, laugh together, smile… Pure happiness in roaming, available for professionals.

Where to find the briefcase?

The company BOJODIS is the editor of the first briefcase since October 2012, of the 6 games “Au fil des jours” : Balomo, Filoupass, Bonne fête, Charabia, Menu du jour and Rigoloto illustrated.

You can find all information on the website www.chouettesjeux.fr and on www.bojodis.com/boutique

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